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Make Me a Match!

Dating apps and online websites: if you are single, you have probably tried them all. And while a few people have improbable stories about instantly falling in love while swiping right or meeting their soulmate while playing a drunken game of beer pong, most people have less happy experiences. The person who swipes right for you might be someone using a decades-old photo, and the drunken bar companion might hit you between the eyes with a wet ping pong ball.

All of these dating methods rely on one thing: Physical Attraction. It is near impossible to decide that someone is right for you based off a checklist from a dating profile. That's why you need the help of a professional matchmaker, someone who will match you with a partner that they have met in real life. A person in real life is much different than a person on a dating profile. “How many times have you gone on a date with someone from a dating site, and within 5 minutes realized the person wasn’t anything that you imaged them to be?”

Trust But Verify

After too many failed romances, you may be suspicious of everyone's motives. That paranoia can keep you from fully engaging with the dating scene. Professional matchmakers practice the old "trust but verify" method. They will engage their clients in friendly conversation so they can assess their personalities and needs, but they also verify information so that you don't end up dating "a doctor" who never got a degree. You will then be free to use your dates to get to know the person instead of fighting your suspicious nature. You will have a much better chance of finding someone who is compatible when an expert is helping you.


Matchmakers do cost money, but what is your time worth? Singles who are not serious about finding a relationship will probably not financially invest in the process. In contrast, some people may use a dating app on a dare or simply because they are having a boring Saturday night. Paying a matchmaker means that you are financially invested in finding a mate. As a result, everyone has "skin in the game" and is more likely to follow through.

Matchmakers also require a time investment on your part. You will meet with them personally to make certain that you have compatible goals. You will then be expected to meet the people they recommend. Fortunately, matchmakers do most of the time-consuming work when they sift through thousands of profiles to find probable matches for you. They strive to provide quality matches that have real potential for both clients.

Measurable Success

These matchmaking professionals can provide support for their claims, so you know they are the real deal. No company or individual can guarantee that you will feel chemistry with your date, but they can put you in situations where a real connection is possible. Other methods are less likely to be successful.

When you visit the matchmaker, you need to explain your expectations. Remember, finding someone to date and finding someone for a serious relationship or marriage are different things. When you work with a real person, you can make certain that you are both on the same page.

Investing in a professional matchmaker makes sense on many levels. When it comes to meeting the "right" person, an expert, caring human can be your best resource.

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