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Jordan W. (Boston, MA)(Yelp Review - 5 Star Rating) - "I met with all of the matchmaking companies in Boston and decided to go with Susie. Not only were the other companies charging a lot more money but Susie was the only matchmaker I connected with. She was sincere, kind, and very professional. I went on 5 dates and they were all cool girls. I started dating the 5th girl Susie matched me with, so it worked out! I highly recommend Susie if you're looking for a matchmaker in Boston.


"Mike H. (Yelp Review - 5 Star Review) - "Susie was VERY helpful and diligent in finding me the perfect match, she's truly a great matchmaker and worth every penny! She really takes her time to get to know your personality, what makes you happy/unhappy, characteristics you like or dislike and get's to know what your expectations are in a significant other. I'd highly recommend Susie! She's worth it."


Jeane L. (Boston, MA) - "I had Susie match me with no expectations. I am now happily married to the love of my life! I can't thank her enough!!!"


Carolina S. (Yelp Review - 5 Star Rating) - "I really like Susie, she is a great matchmaker! Before she starts thinking of matches for you, she really takes her time in getting to know you - your personal history, your quirks and characteristics, likes and dislikes, etc. She is also very realistic about expectations. She works hard and does her best without giving you false hopes or guarantees. She's so warm and genuine, I would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends!"


Christa S. (Boston, MA)(Yelp Review - 4 Star Rating) - "Susie is super nice and great at what she does. Her office is small but professional and it's in the Prudential Tower. Her service is fairly priced compared to the other matchmakers I called. Hiring Susie is worth it. I would definitely recommend her!"


Dennis C. (Quincy, MA)(Yelp Review - 5 Star Rating) - "Susie Q Matchmaking has really worked out very well for me. To be very honest, I have always been very skeptical of match making and if it actually works. I have been on dating sites to dating sites, but I would almost always meet individuals that do not match their profile. I was the kind of individual that was never a huge fan of the bars or clubs, it just wasn't for me. My friends have always tried helping me and their great friends, but I always wanted to expand my network and connections and try someone outside of the "circle", so I gave Susie Q a shot. Susie really changed my life by finding me the perfect woman and I really could not thank her enough. She takes the time to understand you and your needs. This is very life changing for me and luckily for me this has worked out really well. When going through the whole matchmaking process, Susie told me she does not promise or guarantee anything and I understood that. The price was fair given that there is a lot of work that Susie has to do. I was never discourage even though the first few matches Susie introduced me did not work out. I kept in contact with those individuals and became friends with them. This help expand my connection and network. You will never never know maybe one day those networks or connections might have a lucky someone for you. Like I said initially, i am very happy with Susie Q matchmaking and I would highly recommend it."


Jane C. (Boston, MA)(Yelp Review - 5 Star Rating) - "I love Susie. She really listened to me in our first meeting. We talked about what my relationship goals were. The first date I went on was a huge success. I really liked the man and Susie helped me through the dates. She gives amazing dating advice. The first match from Susie ended up being my only one seeing as I am still dating the man. He is a true gentleman and we have a lot of similar interests, which was something I was missing in past relationships. I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking for a relationship. Susie is the best matchmaker! Love her."


Karen S. (Boston, MA)(Yelp Review - 5 Star Rating) - "I have had an awesome experience working with Susie. I was dating online, but wasn't having any success and felt the men just weren't serious enough. I signed up with Susie and after 3 months I am happy to say I am in an amazing relationship with a man Susie matched me with! I would highly recommend this company. Susie is so smart and helpful. I love her not only as my matchmaker, but now as my friend!"


Lauren (Boston, MA)(Facebook Review - 5 Star Rating) - "Susie is an amazing matchmaker! She genuinely cares about helping and works very hard to find you great matches. I have met some amazing men working with her and during this process learned a lot about myself. I am now in a serious relationship thanks to Susie! I would highly recommend her service to all singles in Boston."


Allen D. (Boston, MA)(Yelp Review - 4 Star Rating) - "This was a great experience for me and I would recommend it. First met with Susie at her office in the Pru and then she met with me again for coffee to make me more comfortable with the process before I made a decision. After signing up, I did not have to spend time online dating anymore and worked with Susie to really figure out what I wanted in a partner. She gave me dating advice and helped me open up more. After 6 months of being matched I finally met someone I clicked with and things are moving forward in a direction that I was hoping for. If you are ready to date, go see Susie Q."


Barry (Boston, MA) - "Susie is one of my favorite people. She is kind and has always listened to me without judging. She understands what I am looking for in a woman and has matched me with a beautiful woman who I am now in a serious relationship with."


Sarah D. (Boston, MA) - "I have been dating online and found myself spending all this time emailing men, but never meeting them. The few I did meet did not even look like their pictures. I found Susie's website and have been successfully matched after 3 dates!"


Lauren T. (Boston, MA) - "Susie taught me so much about my bad dating habits. She really knows what she's talking about. I couldn't ask for a better dating coach and matchmaker."


Mary C. (Boston, MA) - "My match is amazing. I only have wonderful things to say about him. Best first date of my life!"Todd M. (Boston, MA)"Susie is Boston's Best Matchmaker!"


Dustin J. (Boston, MA) - "Hello Susie, Everything has been great. We walked the beach and had dinner. We watched the scary movie Annabelle on Saturday night and yesterday we went to white mountain to walk the trails. She met my parents yesterday and she came over for dinner today. So everything has been great. =) Thank you!!!!"


Keith A. (Boston, MA) - "Hi Susie, She is a remarkable and very attractive woman! I really enjoy her company when we meet and our almost daily phone calls. She has a great sense of humor and is resourceful and resilient."

Shawn S.

5 star - 1 week ago NEW

" had such a great time using Susie’s matchmaking service and would definitely recommend it to anyone else looking to get serious with their dating and romantic life. Especially to those of us who are tired of all the bots, artificial intelligence abuse, fakes, and repetitive endless shallow swiping on a long broken/ruined bunch of dating apps. If all you need is love then how can you ever deny yourself of such a great way to potentially find it despite any costs (money is meant to be spent anyway and you’re not taking it with you after life obviously)! Iwent on a bunch of great dates throughout my subscribed time which was only 3 months and each were with great potential matches who I’m honestly thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and connect with. Susie does an excellent job of getting to know you personally and recommending great potential matches in terms of compatibility and also of course based on what you’re actually looking for! My overall experience with Susie has also made me feel that she’s very approachable, caring, and an overall pleasure to do business and engage with. Furthermore, I also really liked how when working with Susie you’re able to actually see how the potential match looks before committing to reaching out to meet up since some matchmakers don’t which can lead to easily avoidable, potentially awkward situations."

Scott B

5 star - 17 weeks ago

"I was amazed and gratified at Suzy’s skill in connecting me with very attractive women with whom I share not only interests but core values. I highly recommend her match making skills!"

Jack K

5 star - 20 weeks ago

"From the moment I met Susie I felt comfortable…She LISTENED to me and what I was "looking for". Every woman she introduced me to was a quality choice, completely different than my online dating experiences. Invest in Susie (which is really investing in yourself), you won’t be sorry!"

Patrick M

5 star - 20 weeks ago

"Susie has been a pleasure to deal and has taken the time to listen and learn about my needs and concerns. I have nothing but positive things to say about her."

Matthew T

5 star - 20 weeks ago

"Susie does a great job filtering and matching people saving time and resources."

Michael Contois

5 star - 20 weeks ago

"Thank you Susie Q, for some wonderful introductions. I highly recommend Susie Q Matching."

​Richard B

5 star - 3/25/2021

"Over the past few years I've been working with Susie Q Matchmaking to help me in my quest to find that someone special in my life. I found their professionalism and discretion to be top notch. While other dating sites consist of "swiping" and "liking", Susie Q takes the time to carefully match up profiles in order to avoid all the "clutter". I would recommend their process to anyone genuinely serious about finding a perfect match!"

Dan L.

5 star - 2/23/2022

"Susie is a true professional in Matchmaking. I have been with 2 other supposed high end dating services with laughable results. She takes the time to learn about you and what you are looking for in a serious relationship . I am only a few months in and have been on a few dates now and they both have been great ! With the feedback I give Susie after the dates really helps her getting me closer to finding "The One". I am absolutely confident that in this process  that I will be writing another review soon about the new love of my life! DJL"

Matthew G

5 star - Jul 2, 2019

"A review almost seems inappropriate for such a personal thing. This isn't a restaurant after all, but it would be a disservice to not share how appreciative I am of Susie's services. Susie introduced me to the most amazing woman that to say I clicked with instantly would be an understatement. I don't know how she does it, but I am grateful for her fine work. Would highly recommend!"

Keith B

5 star - Mar 28, 2021

"I had tried multiple dating services with no success and turned to Matchmaking more out of desperation than anything else.  Susie was recommended to me and so we set up a meeting. Susie was very professional and thorough.  Rather than a series of questions, it was more of a conversation.  She really listened about who I am, what I was looking for in a partner, and how I would want to approach things.  She explained the process, and was also very upfront about the expectations.  Particularly with respect to the "click".  While she could find someone that looks perfect on paper and has a lot of similar interests, that click is really up to the individuals and their chemistry - something I agree with completely. My personal experience with Susie has been great.  I've been able to meet several women, and while we haven't always clicked, we've had a lot in common.  They've all been terrific people, great to be with, and I still stay in touch with several of them.  At this point, I've found someone I click with, and (especially in these times) I can't thank Susie enough. I'm not exactly sure when I started dreading the whole dating process, but somewhere along the line it happened.  Susie was able to make dating fun again."

Jen D

5 star - Jul 14, 2023

"I am not a client of Susie's, but I am familiar with her as she has reached out to me as a potential match to date a few of her clients. I am impressed with her accuracy in describing and excellent follow-up in representing her clients to me. Those whom I've met are high quality, even though there wasn't a match in the end. I have no doubt that she is a fine, very effective matchmaker!"

Sarah W

5 star - Aug 7, 2023

"I can't thank Susie enough for introducing me to the love of my life.
She does her work with grace and kindness. Her interview is a time to connect and share what the essential qualities you would like in a partner. Sometimes you find that person that just knows what man would be the right match. And she knew.
Sarah W."

Michael C

5 star - Feb 19, 2024

"Thank you Susie Q, for some wonderful introductions. I highly recommend Susie Q Matching."

Edward J

5 star - Nov 10, 2019

"Susie takes the time to listen.

She does the upfront work necessary. She makes introductions that have a strong possibility of long term success.

She does not burden you with a number of “long shot” introductions. She has the utmost respect for your time."

Matthew F

5 star - Nov 10, 2019

"Had a great experience with Susie and her company!"

Ryan E

5 star - Nov 11, 2019

"Susie Q is great! She is a sweet and attentive person with a real penchant for her work!"

Angel H

5 star - Apr 11, 2019

"I will definitely recommend it if you want to get together with a partner and have some love in your life machmaking is the best way to do it Susie Q."

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