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Susie Q Matchmaking is a boutique matchmaking service that was founded by Susanne MacDowell in 2014.  After spending many years in the dating industry working for large matchmaking companies, Susanne decided to branch off on her own.  Susanne wanted to focus exclusively on the singles in New England and provide a service that focuses on quality, not quantity.


Dating in Boston can be intimidating when you are on your own or looking in the wrong places.  Boston is one of the best cities in the country for dating!  This city is filled with singles at an almost perfect male to female ratio.  There are so many amazing restaurants and unique date ideas we can help you with to really sweep your date off their feet.  


Our clientele consists of quality singles between the average ages of 25-65+ who are looking for a serious relationship.


Pre-screenings are done on every client.


Located in the Cummings Center in Beverly, Susie Q Matchmaking quickly became the #1 Matchmaking Service in the NorthEast. 


With low overhead costs and being locally focused, we are able to provide better quality matches, and lower prices than other matchmakers! 

Susie is the most sincere & trusted matchmaker in Boston!  ​


Our clients have successful careers in Law, Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, the Arts, and more!​ 


We find singles at events, meet-up groups, restaurants, parks, corporate functions, & by online marketing.​ 


Susie will guide you through this delicate process 100% of the way.​

"My match is amazing! I only have wonderful things to say about him. Best first date of my life! "

- Mary C, (Susie Q Client)

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